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Forum Home » Polls - Have Your Vote! » Would The HeavenField would make a good film?

Do you think The HeavenField would make a good film?

Yes!: 24
No: 0
Better as a TV series: 15
Don't know: 0
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5/19/2012 4:23:43 AM

Posts: 1
Well if this is not to bold to say I can picture this as an animated series, this could be from hearing this as an audio-book but I do think it can be done. Animation for the most part is cheaper, and cgi doesn't need to be realistic as such but merely keep to the art-style. When it comes to Darkness and Grit I've seen one or two anime series with plenty of that (demons and advanced tech goes hand in hand there too). The primary flaw in this is that there's less chance of it catching on outside a fairly narrow (albeit dedicated) group of fans.

A Tv series may be better but then that is a gamble too, with higher costs and a pretty broad margin for error if the CGI ends up cheesy or the actors end up wooden... but then that lies in budgets, staff and directors.
  • I'm not sure how it'd work if you tried in the US, without sounding cynical and anglocentric I'd say they'd water it down or reject the notion of America as an antagonistic faction.
  • As a movie it could work, but it'd again need a great deal of effort to get it right, it'd most certainly be worth that effort if it can be pulled off. Casting and direction would be key in my mind, CGI is somewhat boilerplate nowadays
  • At the end of the day this is your story with some very amazing ideas and thus your decision. I wish good luck on the project if it ever gets set in motion and would love to see it taken flight someday no matter what the form.
  • I'd add that seeing how your ideas have flourished with all your hard work put into them really inspires me to put some of my thoughts to paper as drawings and stories. Thanks for making this a reality and sharing it :3
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5/19/2012 8:53:54 PM

Posts: 44
Thanks Balestorm for all your wonderful words! I would have to say I agree with you on your points - I can envisage The Heavenfield in all sorts of different visual formats, all with their pros and cons. Anyway, it's good to dream! ;)

Great to hear you're feeling inspired towards some creative work of your own - that's one of the highest compliments I could ask for! You'll have to share some of the results with us when they're finished!

Best wishes,

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2/25/2013 5:35:14 PM

Posts: 1
It could be a magnificent movie, with the virtualisation advances that have made it possible to put our imagination on screen ;)

Smokers, free yourselves, start Vaping, it's sooo good.
Free your Ordi with Linux Open Sources, an OS for all tastes. You'll love that Penguin, once you try it. ;)
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3/3/2013 6:49:49 PM

Posts: 5
It would, indeed, make a brilliant movie. But, movie production is a big-old crap shoot, independent of the story's merit. I just watched The Island. Top stars, big budget, and, in the end, a weak story. Inception, Cowboys and Aliens, etc. Weak stories with big plot gaps, all produced. One cannot could The Hobbit/Lord series, as it was a classic series long years ago. So, absolutely, I'd like to see the HBO series Heavenfield, but I'll not hold my breath
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3/4/2013 9:55:35 AM

Posts: 44
I quite agree Craig - but I'll keep on dreaming! :)
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Home » Polls - Have Your Vote! » Would The HeavenField would make a good film?