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13th December 2010

Book Three

Book Three gets Underway!

After a few abortive attempts, battling through the inevitable computer misery (why can't they ever just work properly???), I'm very pleased to announce that the recording of Book Three is well underway!

It always seems like an enormous task ahead of me, so I've split the work into sections and am ticking them off as I go along.

It's been a while since I revisited the story, and it's really enjoyable immersing myself again. The characters are all old friends, and there are a few twists and surprises that still keep me on the edge of my seat!

You can keep up-to-date with how the recording is progressing Here. Enjoy!


7th September 2010

Interview at the Scifi Diner

I recently had a great time talking to the wonderful Scott and Miles from the Scifi Diner Podcast site. They interviewed me on all things about the Heavenfield story and the surrounding art.

It was quite surreal, as we did the interview over Skype and it was 6pm their time and 11pm for me. That meant I may have consumed one-too-many glasses of wine, so my apologies if I slur! ;)

As well as my interview there's loads of interesting news on scifi in general from two great guys who really know the genre.

You can listen to the interview Here, I hope you enjoy it!


2nd July 2010

T-Shirt Special Offer

To coincide with the website re-launch I've had some great T-shirts featuring the Heavenfield Fallen Angel Emblem.

They are printed on black Fruit of the Loom T-shirts and look pretty cool!

This Special Offer is available for an Introductory Price of £10.99
plus Postage.

Grab one quick from the Heavenfield Shop!


30th June 2010

New Visions

A couple of days ago I got an email from a friend who I hadn't spoken to for a long time. For those of you who enjoyed the Heavenfield theme tune you may recognise the name of Steven Herbert, who wrote and performed the music along with his wife Jacqueline.

He also happens to be a remarkable artist, and he told me casually that he had created some visions of the landscape of The Heavenfield. When I saw them I was astonished - they were the best representations of the Field I have ever seen, and I greedily appropriated them for the website!

So a big thank you to Steven for inspiring me and giving me the energy to re-vamp the website - I think it's a really great improvement!

I've put the other images that Steven sent me in the Forum. Check them out they're amazing!


6th June 2010

The Leviathan Chronicles

Leviathan Chronicles

It's a little late this, but I just wanted to let you all know about a great podcast called the Leviathan Chronicles.

For those who haven't heard of it, it is a fantastic story featuring the voices of over 60 actors, professional sound effects and an original music soundtrack. You can listen to the trailer Here

The story is centered on a hidden city called Leviathan that lies deep within the dark trenches of the Pacific Ocean. The city is home to a community of immortals that sought to create a utopia over 1,000 years ago. For a millennia, they lived in peace and secrecy, gently influencing world events to aid the advancement of mankind. But a terrible secret has been kept deep within the catacombs of Leviathan that threatens the existence of the immortals, and quite possibly the entire world.

The website has just gone through a complete redesign and there's loads of great artwork and goodies to download.

Check it out now!

27th May 2010

Book Four Paperback Out 10th June!


I just wanted to let you know that I've set a release date for the final part of the Heavenfield story!

Book Four is due for release on on the 10th of June.

It's been a long time getting to this point, but you finally get the opportunity to find out what happens to Grace, Thomas, Alex and all the other inhabitants of the Heavenfield world. Thanks for your patience! :)

I'm sticking with the seperate book format for the time-being, but hopefully I'll also be able to get the complete story out in a single volume soon.

I'm just looking into short-run publications at the moment, so I'll keep you posted. The four books look great as a Collector's Set, and you never know, could become quite a desirable rarity in the future! ;)

The first three Books are currently available from the Heavenfield Shop.

I hope you enjoy!


22nd April 2010

Book Three Paperback Out Now!


It's been a hectic time for me recently. I finally gave in and launched myself into writing a sequel to The Heavenfield. I thought it had been a long time coming, but I discovered that I'd actually been writing a lot of it without realising!

I spent a long time working on a storyline for how I'd envisage a computer game to run, and in doing so came up with a lot of ideas which have found their way into this new book.

Progress is slow, but really exciting. I'm plugging away every evening and there have been quite a few revelations which have had me on the edge of my seat!

Anyway, all this means that I have neglected the recording of Book Three.
I'm really sorry to leave everyone hanging, so to try and make up for it I've decided to release the Paperback Version on Together the three books make a great-looking Collector's Set and I've put the price right down for a limited time. Lulu are also doing a free shipping coupon until the 5/5/10, so now's your chance to continue the story and get a very collectible piece of Heavenfield history at the same time!

The Books are available from the Heavenfield Shop.

I hope you enjoy!


20th April 2010

Thumbs Up!


I know it's been a while since my last news, but I've got a good reason - honest! But more on that later...

At the moment I just want to let you know about a fabulous review
The Heavenfield received recently.

Many thanks to Craig for this one - it really tops-up the hope reserves!
You can read it on his Podiobook Reviews site.,

Another thing that caught my attention the other day was a great comment from a listener on the Podiobooks site. I copied it onto the forum, you can read it Here, it really made me laugh!


21st January 2010

You're A Winner!


I'm just uploading Episode Twelve today, and I thought I'd just take the opportuninty to share some good news!

I was mooching about (one of the biggest sites for podcast audiobooks), where I also upload the Heavenfield story. When I checked out my entry I was happily surprised to see a big shiny prize sign next to it!

Apparently the Heavenfield has won the 2009 Founder's Choice Award for 'excellence in serialized audiobook production'! Cool!

If you're unfamiliar with Podiobooks, why not take a visit - they've got hundreds of great titles to choose from some fantastic authors.


15th January 2010

New Forum Online!


As Episode Eleven goes live tonight, we're already halfway into Book Two!

The pace is picking up as Alex and his companions try to get back through the Heavenfield to the Fortress, but meet a nightmarish army of creatures.
Grace Palmer is discovering that awkward eccentric Thomas Sullivan may be the key to understanding and manipulating the Heavenfield. Thomas, meanwhile, is discovering more of the mysterious history of the Heavenfield Project...

I'd also like to let you know that I've set up a Forum on my website, and would love it if you could take a moment to visit and maybe register.
You can find it here.

There are Polls so you can vote on things like your favourite characters, and generally have a chat about the story!

I'd love it if you'd all come and visit - hope to see you there!


Welcome to the Heavenfield Newscast!

You can subscribe to this feed and receive all news relating to the Heavenfield.

The Heavenfield podcast audio novel is released as a seperate feed. You can subscribe to it for free Here.

For those unsure as to how podcasts work, you can visit the About section for more information, or just use the Audio Player above to listen to episodes without using the (free) subscription service.

10th June 2010

The Heavenfield Book 4 Out Now

Book Four Out in Paperback!

Hi, I'm really pleased to announce that Book Four is finally available in paperback!

This will complete the story, and sees the final, epic events come to their spectacular conclusion.

I want to express my thanks to all those who bought the first three parts of the Collector's Set, and give you the opportunity to get the final book. This will be available for a limited time before the official release of the Heavenfield in one volume.

The Lulu books have been great, but unworkable for general release, so I will be withdrawing them after a limited time.
So get your piece of Heavenfield history while you can! :)

All Four Books will be available from the Heavenfield Shop until the
30th June 2010.

So don't miss out!

Oh, and if you want to help me choose which book cover I should use for the Official Release, then have your vote in the poll on the Forum.