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Episodes - Book Three



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This page
contains plot spoilers!

Episode Fifteen

A Traitor


The Maunsworth Research Facility is still under investigation for the plane crash caused by the American Speers and his clandestine group. His assistant, Gutteridge, working with an unknown agent within the Maunsworth Facility has placed a computer virus on the Base's systems, manipulating the experiment data in an attempt to shut down the Standing-Point Project.

Awkward eccentric Thomas Sullivan throws himself into his research, and finds a new friend in Susan Moranne, a librarian working on the Base.

Grace Palmer and Commander James struggle to understand the nature of the Heavenfield while fending off the air-crash investigation, but the future for the Standing-Point Project looks bleak.

Alex, having returned to the Heavenfield, and the Exile Fortress, discovers the group are becoming ever-more fanatical. He is forced by their leader, Dr. Henschel, to return to the Maunsworth Base with the intention of murdering Grace and Thomas, thus destroying the British Research Project.

He and his companions fly back through the Heavenfield in one of the prototype FieldShips. They infiltrate the Facility, but Alex is overwhelmed by visions and cannot bring himself to harm his targets. He retreats back into the Field, but two of his companions are lost – Krisz is killed by Thomas' bodyguard Sanders, and Yuri is shot, perishing back in the Field.

Amidst the chaos of the Heavenfield, Alex is once again visited by the Demon Girl, but escapes, and makes his way back to Petre's FieldShip. They take off and head back for the Exile Fortress...


Episode Sixteen

A Turning Point


Grace Palmer and Commander James come to terms with the shock of the Exile attack upon the Maunsworth base, and discuss what to do about the recovered body of the Exile soldier.

The pressure to shut down the Project intensifies as Detective Scott's investigation mounts, and the mysterious Aubrey Wilson is sent by the government to oversee the matter.

Meanwhile, Alex returns back through the Heavenfield to the Exile Fortress, and is met by a hostile Dr. Henschel. He has Alex incarcerated, claiming he has been taken by, as yet, unknown forces, and that he has sabotaged the mission. He is thrown in a prison cell and left to reflect upon the deaths of Yuri and Krisz....


Episode Seventeen

Return to the Field


Grace's suspicions over the investigations into the Maunsworth Research Facility are aroused as she speaks to Aubrey Wilson. He has been sent by the government to oversee the troubled Project.

She sets the brilliant but eccentric Thomas Sullivan the task of studying the plane crash data, and he makes some startling discoveries. As well as proving that the experiments couldn't have caused the crash, he also uncovers traces of a virus planted on the labs' computers.

Armed with this information, Commander James appeals for the reinstatement of the Standing-Point Project, and upon seeing the threat now faced from the Heavenfield, the government agrees upon a whole new level of investment.

But to Grace's dismay, the research into the Heavenfield appears to be taking an ever-more military direction...


Episode Eighteen

A Cry for Help


Stuart Nicks and Gary Starling return to the Facility after recovering from the horrors of their time in the Heavenfield. The Project appears to be back on track, and plans are made to return to the Field, but work on the new Production Facility adjoining the labs is progressing apace as the military starts producing suits and weapons based upon the captured Exile technology.

After a few cautious experiments, expeditions begin again, and soon Thomas Sullivan finds himself on his first journey into the Heavenfield.

The American Speers is manipulating fears over the Field in order to fund the creation of an American Accelerator Array, and build an army. His paranoia over his actions towards the Maunsworth Base has led him to believe that it is the British, not the Exiles who are responsible for threats upon Heads of State. Speers is in danger of dragging the Americans into confrontation with the British.

And all the while Alexi must endure his incarceration deep beneath the Exile Fortress. His mind is close to breaking, as he endures the visits by Dr. Henschel, who awakens ever-more terrifying nightmares within him...


Episode Nineteen

A Cruel Angel


At the Maunsworth Entry-Point, the British expedition is exploring the strange world of the Heavenfield. While looking over a newly-discovered collection of buildings, they are attacked by a group of Exiles.

The main security force, along with Gary Starling and Stuart Nicks, are forced to engage them in a fire-fight. But Grace and Thomas find themselves split from the group, and run further into the ruins in a desperate attempt to evade their pursuers.

Meanwhile Speers' American Accelerator Array is complete. His newly-formed army enters the Heavenfield, only to discover their Entry-Point encircled by a force of Exile soldiers. Speers though, ever-more delusional, clings to his belief that it is the British who are attacking.

Realising that their adversaries have access to far-superior technology, Speers orders Gutteridge to lead a covert team into the Field in a desperate attempt to capture and return with an enemy Fieldship...


Episode Twenty

A Siren


At the American Entry-Point, Gutteridge and his covert team infiltrate behind the lines of the Exile blockade and capture an enemy Fieldship. Now they must attempt to fly it back to their Entry-Point.

Back in the Exile Fortress, Alex is confronted by a deranged Dr. Henschel, who helps him escape from his cell. Henschel reveals that it has been he, not Alex, under the influence of the Demon Girl, and in a moment of lucidity has destroyed the Exile Array and opened up the Fortress to the attacking Demon army. Alex makes for Hangar 13, where Henschel has a Fieldship waiting to aid his escape.

Meanwhile, at the Maunsworth Entry-Point, the expedition is still under attack from the Exile soldiers. Grace and Thomas, separated from the group attempt to hide in the ruins, but Thomas is shot by an Exile soldier and his suit is breached. As he is overcome by the atmosphere of the Field he spies a mountainous figure who comes to their rescue.

Thomas awakens to find himself in the company of an angel, who heals his wounds and repairs his suit. Thomas returns to the Field, and finds Grace. Together they head off into the howling sandstorm...


Episode Twenty-One



Gutteridge manages to get the captured Fieldship back to the American Entry-Point, and Speers withdraws his troops from the Field.

Back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, Susan Morranne, a friend of Thomas Sullivan, sneaks down to the labs in the hope of seeing him off before he enters the Heavenfield. But it appears that the spy within the labs has been discovered, and security forces move in. Just as the labs are trying to bring back the stricken expedition, the fire alarms sound, and once more they are forced to evacuate the Facility, stranding the expedition team.

Alex travels to the Maunsworth Entry-Point and finds the Exile soldiers blocking his way. He manages to break through to the Entry-Point, but is once again confronted by the Demon Girl. As she disappears, Thomas and Grace find their way to the Entry-Point, and the chance to return home....