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Episodes - Book Two



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This page
contains plot spoilers!

Episode Eight



Alex has escaped from Gutteridge and his men, but Dragor is lost. He heads for a hotel where Dragor has hidden a transmitter which will enable Alex to contact a place he has called 'The Fortress'.

But time is against Alex, and his exposure to the Heavenfield is causing strange visions of dark creatures which threaten to engulf him.

Meanwhile, the expedition team, trapped in the Heavenfield, and lost in an impenetrable sandstorm, are beset by terrifying apparitions. Saul Davisson, his suit breached, is dragged by his companions, forced to witness the horrific events, paralysed and helpless.

When all hope is lost, and the team's air supplies are almost gone, Saul hears the familiar voice of Grace Palmer, and realises they are saved...


Episode Nine



Alex has escaped, back into the Heavenfield. He has been picked up by three companions, and now must make the long journey back to the place they call 'The Fortress'.

Back at the Maunsworth Research Facility Grace attempts to question Saul Davisson about his experiences in the Field. But he and the team are deeply traumatised, and Grace, carrying responsibility for the accident, is close to breakdown.

She finds some solace in the company of Thomas Sullivan, the awkward eccentric, as she attempts to drink away her sorrows.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Speers, having been unable to capture Dragor Millovich alive, turns his attention to Maunsworth. For reasons unknown he is attempting to shut down the Facility and the whole Standing Point Project.

To this end he sends Gutteridge to hand over a package to a contact working for them within the Facility, the contents of which, Speers believes, will shut down Maunsworth, and put an end to the Heavenfield Project...


Episode Ten

The Haunted Place


Using the very plane crash which Speers destroyed in a seemingly insane attempt to kill Alex, he and Gutteridge continue their desperate plans to shut down the Maunsworth Research Facility. Their operative inside the Base has planted a virus on the labs' systems, falsifying the Standing Point reports.

Now all evidence relating to the cause of the plane crash will point to Maunsworth.

Meanwhile, Grace has realised (with the intervention of Commander James), that there may be more to Thomas Sullivan than meets the eye, being commended for his theories on Standing Point by some of the greatest scientific minds in the field.

Thomas, by contrast, is struggling to come to terms with life on a busy military base, and craves to learn more of the history of the Project. But a chance meeting with Saul Davisson makes him think again about the dangers he may be heading for, as he heads deeper towards unlocking the secrets of the Heavenfield...


Episode Eleven

An Old Ghost


Grace discovers that awkward eccentric Thomas Sullivan may be the key to understanding and manipulating the Heavenfield, so she petitions Commander James to allow research to continue. But the news that her Project may have caused a plane crash threatens to derail it for good.

Thomas, meanwhile is learning the history of the Heavenfield Project, when Susan Moranne, an assistant librarian, offers to show him information about the mysterious girl in the Chamber.

Meanwhile, Alex is finding his journey across the Field tortuous, as he broods upon the deaths of Pattie and Dragor. But upon reaching the fortress they find their way blocked by a horde of nightmarish creatures that have laid siege to it. Alex and his companions know their supplies are gone, and they have no choice but to attempt to break through the attacking army. Driving at full speed through the chaos they are attacked by creature after creature, until their vehicle is finally overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Crashing on its side, Alex is thrown about the compartment and loses consciousness...


Episode Twelve



Grace is interrogated into the events surrounding the plane crash.
Thomas Sullivan allows Susan to show him unsettling footage of the mysterious girl in the Chamber, who hauntingly draws the scientists into the Heavenfield.

Alex and his companions are rescued and taken back to the Fortress, which still withstands the siege of the nightmarish army. He realises how the Exiles have grown since he was last at the Fortress. They are now equipped for war, and eager to strike out at anyone who attempts to enter the Heavenfield.

In an attempt to avoid more bloodshed, Alex volunteers to lead a suicidal mission to return to Maunsworth via the Field, infiltrate the base, and kidnap the leaders of the research...


Episode Thirteen

Between Worlds


Grace loses hope as all the evidence points to her Project being the cause of the plane crash. But Commander James is suspicious of events and begins some investigations of his own.

Meanwhile, Thomas' own hope is renewed when he meets Susan once more.

Alex prepares for his mission to return to Maunsworth House, and realises with growing anxiety, the mounting religious fervour of the Exiles in the Fortress. They have created a vast army, and are committed to the 'protection' of the Heavenfield. But Alex is stunned by the orders he is given which will once again lead him on a path to murder......


Episode Fourteen

The Truth


Grace and Commander James begin to realise the nature of the Heavenfield, and that they are powerless to defend against incursions from it.

Alex and his companions are back at the Maunsworth Base, shifting between reality and the Field.

But the visions threaten to overwhelm him and Alex's mind is close to breaking. Krisz somehow manages to calm him, and they head off down into the underground levels, searching for their targets...