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Episodes - Book One



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This page
contains plot spoilers!

Episode One

A Light In The Dark

An audio recording from the Hayden Hill Research Facility.

During a ground-breaking experiment into 'Standing Point' technology, things go terribly wrong when a scientist spies a girl in the experiment Chamber. As the pressure runs dangerously out of control, and shortly before the signal is cut dead, an inhuman cry is an ominous omen of things to come...


Episode Two

Heaven Decays


Professor Keith Lambert has been assassinated in baffling circumstances. The killers entered his hotel room and then disappeared without a trace.
Meanwhile, the expedition led by Saul Davisson travels through into the Heavenfield. But back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, Grace Palmer has her suspicions about the welfare of Pattie Harvey – one of the expedition team in the Field.
The man Pattie has recently met, Alex, meets with Dragor Millovich, and tells of how he is manipulating and conditioning Pattie with mind-altering drugs.
Out in the Heavenfield, Pattie spies an apple tree. Without thinking, she releases the safety bolts on her helmet and opens her visor to the Heavenfield's unknown atmosphere...


Episode Three



Grace Palmer's suspicions prove correct, as she finds proof of foul play in Pattie's medical records, and determines to cut short the expedition into the Heavenfield.

But the Accelerator Array brings back only one body – Pattie's. Her contact with the atmosphere in the Heavenfield has had disastrous consequences. With her death, the fantastic landscape has reduced to dust and a howling sandstorm engulfs the four remaining team members. But the storm also heralds the arrival of a terrifying entity – some devil-like creature. Saul Davisson and Gary Starling flee into the dust clouds, running direction-less until they fall from exhaustion.

As the scientists at the Maunsworth Research Facility prepare again for the return of the team, an act of sabotage by Dan Earl leads to an explosion within the Accelerator Array that could strand the team in the Heavenfield...


Episode Four



The four members of the Maunsworth expedition are trapped in the Heavenfield. For the moment, they have hidden from the creature and the storm in a cave, but their air supplies are running low.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to leave the area now his work with Pattie is done. His contact, a taciturn figure called Gutteridge gives him a case. But Alex becomes increasingly suspicious, and at the last minute flees his flight using another passenger's stolen identity. Gutteridge reports to his superior, a shady American named Speers, and the two embark for their next target, Alex's companion Dragor Millovich.

Back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, Grace Palmer has been evacuated in the wake of the explosion.


Episode Five

A Lost Angel


The expedition team are forced to return to base camp to replenish their oxygen supplies, but there is still no contact with home, and they hole up back in the cave to escape the constant dust storm.

Alex regrets leaving the case on his flight, and contacts Dragor Millovich, only to find that they have been set up by Gutteridge and Speers. The plane Alex was supposed to taken has crashed in suspicious circumstances, and the rest of his group is dead. Alex and Dragor decide to meet up, but Alex is beset by visions, apparently from his exposure to the Heavenfield.

Meanwhile, Grace Palmer and her team head back down into the Maunsworth Research Facility, ready to repair the damaged Accelerator Array and bring back the stricken expedition team...


Episode Six

Out of Time


Alex and Dragor meet up in a disused warehouse and try to work out who has betrayed them and their attempts to destroy the Maunsworth Heavenfield Project.

The four-man expedition is still trapped in the Field, their suits slowly failing in the storm.
Meanwhile, Thomas Sullivan, an eccentric mathematician, is rushed to the Maunsworth Research Facility, and introduced to Grace Palmer as she struggles to repair the sabotaged Accelerator Array and save their stranded comrades.


Episode Seven

A Walk Amongst the Dead


Alex and Dragor have been tracked down to the warehouse by Gutteridge and his men, who are working for the mysterious American, Speers. Dragor is shot, presumed dead, whilst Alex barely escapes with his life, onto the roof of the warehouse, and with nowhere left to go, leaps off the edge into the darkness.

Meanwhile, back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, the Accelerator Array is repaired and Grace Palmer prepares to lead a rescue team into the Field.

But, for the expedition team members trapped in the Heavenfield, they are running out of time. With their environment suits failing in the corrosive atmosphere, and their air supplies running out, they decide to risk returning to the base camp. They leave the safety of their cave and head out into the dust storm, unsure if they will ever find their way home...