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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Podcast?...

A podcast is usually defined as content (text, audio or video) made available for download.
This can be subscribed to and downloaded automatically when new content is made available. In the case of The Heavenfield, audio readings of the novel are released in serial format. Listeners can visit this website to listen to the latest episode, or use their own podcast software to subscribe to an RSS feed.

Is it Free?...

Yes! The term 'subscription' can be misleading as it usually implies a fee. Most podcasts, including this one, are free, and the word 'subscription' is used more to denote a request to be informed of new releases. This gives the listener the chance to download the episodes for later listening, or to transfer them to an mp3 player or mobile phone.

Subscribing is also anonymous and you can cancel at any time by simply deleting the listing from you choice of podcast player.

What are the alternatives?...

The whole Podcast topic can be quite confusing with the sheer number of different options available. But don’t worry! Listed below are some alternatives:

The Heavenfield Player.

You can always listen to Episodes using the Audio Player on the Home page.

You can Bookmark the Home page so you can return periodically to check for new releases. Alternatively you can request an Email Notification to let you know when a new episode is released.

How to sign up through a Browser.

Use your browser to receive Podcasts...

You can use your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari etc) to download and notify you when a new episode or news item has been released.

Simply click on the appropriate rss logo at the top of this page, depending on whether you would like to receive notifications of episode releases or news items.

A window will open titled The Heavenfield (powered by Feedburner). Click the 'View Feed XML' link in the right hand panel, then, depending on your browser do the following:

For Internet Explorer:
At the top of the next page is a link saying 'subscribe to this feed'.
You can view this feed by clicking on the Favourites Centre Button (the yellow star), then clicking feeds and choosing the feed from the list.

For Firefox:
At the top of the next page is a link saying 'subscribe now'. Choose 'subscribe to this podcast using Live Bookmarks', and choose create in Bookmark toolbar. Click Add.

For Safari:
In the right-hand panel under 'Actions' choose Add Bookmark'. Add it to your Bookmark Bar.

How to subscribe with iTunes

Use iTunes to receive Podcasts...

Below is a link to subscribe with Apple iTunes. You will need the iTunes software installed, which is available from their website

If the link above fails to work, then visit the iTunes store and search for the 'Heavenfield'.

Once you have iTunes installed, click the ‘Suscribe with iTunes’ link above. The Heavenfield podcast listing should appear. Click the 'Subscribe' button and an entry for the Heavenfield will appear in the podcast section of iTunes (located in the Library section on the left hand panel). A list of available episodes will automatically appear for you to listen to.

Alternative Podcast Players

Use your own Podcast Player...

There are numerous free podacst players to choose from. When you click on one of the RSS icons at the top of this page you will find links to some of the more commonly-available ones.