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The Author / The Heavenfield / Acknowledgements

About the Heavenfield

The Story:

The Heavenfield is a Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel in four parts, that has also been released as a Free Serialised Audiobook.

It follows Dr. Grace Palmer, Head of the Maunsworth Research Facility, and Thomas Sullivan, an awkward eccentric, as the Standing-Point Project they work on leads them and their colleagues into a frightening new world they name 'The Heavenfield'.

But people around the globe also have conflicting interests in the Field, and are prepared to bring the world to the brink of destruction to see those interests fulfilled.

Part spy novel, part sci-fi thriller with ominous and mysterious undercurrents, The Heavenfield has been described as 'thought-provoking, a compelling story with strong elements of allegory, beautiful and mesmerising'.

Reviews & Quotes:

"...Three cheers for Ian’s inaugural work, it is simply spectacular. The writing is journeyman, the characters are as real as your next door neighbor, and the plot absolutely transfixes the readers, leaving them piled in a heap in the corner delirious with anticipation for the next installment. Top that off with his haunting narration and unearthly art work, and you cannot leave without a smile. HeavenField is undeniably among the top ten Podiobooks ever produced and is not to be missed by any legitimate scifi/fantasy or horror fan..."

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"...some of the finest audio fiction I've ever listened to..."


"...the listening experience of this podio was spot on..."

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"...I was walking to work today and listening during a really creepy part (uh like most of the story) and a guy in a house I had just passed was in his garage doing some work and shot off his nail gun and it made a loud POP! I shot off a girlish scream and in turn he screamed. I think he thought he shot me (and I thought demons were going to rip my soul out of me!)..."


And HUGE thanks for all the supportive emails I have received.
Here's a small selection:

"...This is one of the best podiobooks I have yet to find, thank you so much..."

"...Your books are amazing, and you and Scott Sigler have me addicted to podcasts. Your artwork and music are perfectly matched to your stories..."

"...This is awesome. I've been spreading the word, but thought you might like to know directly that I'm enjoying this tale immensely. There's just enough intrigue and you're doling out information at exactly the right pace..."

"...just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done. Outstanding story, superior execution. Really something to be proud of..."

"...just want to say that you have an amazing story, with brilliant likable characters, unique technology and really immersive writing/podcasting style..."

"...I just wanted to say thanks for a great audiobook.The story is fantastic and the voicework brilliant too..."

"...I have listened to your pod casts like 3 times over while i work! Makes the day go by a little easier, and i absolutely can not stop thinking about this story! I can not wait to hear the rest of this!!..."

"...I simply had to write in to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying Book II of The Heavenfield. I haven’t been so excited and awaiting a new podcast in such a long time. As I’ve said in the past, I really admire your restrained style of narration, your vivid descriptions, and your subtle use of sound effects and ambience..."

Thankyou to everyone who has written in with such supportive words.
It really does give me that little boost when creative energies are low and I'm wondering why I'm spending all my time/money/life on this particular obsession!

About The Heavenfield

The Heavenfield is a fast-paced science-fiction thriller set within a British experimental Scientific Research Facility.

When Grace Palmer and her team discover a way into a mysterious world they name the ‘Heavenfield’, they trigger a devastating chain of events. Bizarre, unexplained murders and attacks on the Project leave scientists trapped in the Field with no way to return. As their air supplies run low and their equipment starts to fail, their nightmares begin to play out before them...

"...The world has changed forever; we have opened the door to something which we don’t understand, and that door cannot be closed. I only hope we can change with the world." The man had a fevered stare, and Thomas found himself mesmerised by his words, obscure as they were.
The man suddenly stiffened, as if hearing a distant noise, then leaned close to Thomas once more.
"They’re coming," he whispered...

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ian Hulme, and I am the author of The Heavenfield, a novel released on this website as a serialised audio podcast.

If you are unsure as to what a podcast audio novel is, then you can skip to the 'What is a podcast?' section on the next page for an explanation.

I was born in 1971, and, after leaving school, spent the next 15 or so years as an artist and musician. Some of my paintings from that time can be seen on my website

I started getting interested in computers in 1998, using them for graphic design as well as creating audio pieces for various collaborations and performances.

I have always had an obsession with the written word - writing song lyrics, poetry, and the odd short story. But around 2002 I began work on a screenplay for a planned 3d animation which quickly spiralled out of control. The more ideas I put down, the more I wanted to know about the story I was creating, and before long, the idea of the animation was forgotten as I wrote chapter after chapter.

Shortly after I began writing in earnest, my wife and I moved to the tiny fishing village of Robin Hood's Bay. In the summer it is a busy tourist location full of packed holiday cottages. But in the winter, the village is practically deserted, and I had the great good fortune to have the winding streets and rocky beaches practically to myself. It was here that I wrote most of The Heavenfield, sat on the rocks at the foot of the cliffs as the waves hurled themselves at the shore.

For the next three or four years I re-read and edited the manuscript countless times, until I began work as a web designer at Media Vision, for the most wonderful Chris Ellis. He listened patiently to my ramblings about The Field, and, after reading through the novel, offered to edit it (without quite realising the amount of work he was taking on!). We set about devoting occasional Saturdays to the task, and I personally found this immensely rewarding – at times literally chopping up and rearranging passages that weren't working – sections that had always troubled me, yet I was unable to fix on my own.

As we edited the work, we talked about putting it out to the world, and, decided a great way would be to release it onto the internet in serialised format.

Having been a musician for many years, and having recorded and engineered music in the past, I had the tools to record the readings myself (though I never seem to have enough time!), and podcasts are a great way to keep people up to date with the latest episodes.

It has been great fun and hard work to finally get to the point of releasing The Heavenfield, and my one hope is that I can continue to work in The Field that I love.


My heartfelt thanks go to the following for all their support and encouragement:

My wife Gemma
For tireless support, her belief in the project, and her photo for the book cover montage (and her voice in the Prologue).

Steven & Jacqueline
For their friendship, endless help and support, and especially for the use of The Heavenfield theme and Heavenfield landscape images.

Christopher Ellis
For his great work editing the manuscript, his voice acting on the Prologue, and all his tireless support.

Jake Wells
For his work coding the website.

Daniel Peel
For his help coding the website.

Dominic Wells
For building the podcast player and widget.